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One of the world's largest rabbits has been [stealing / stolen] from his home in England. Darius, a [continental / incontinent] giant rabbit, is the current Guinness record holder as the longest rabbit in the world. From nose to tail, he [measurements / measures] 129cm in length. Police say he was [redacted / abducted] from his [pen / pencil] late Saturday evening. Local police said in a statement: "It is believed the rabbit was stolen from its [enclosure / envelope] in the garden of the property of its owners overnight on Saturday. We are [appalling / appealing] for information following the theft." Darius' [draught / distraught] owner has offered a $2,750 reward for the safe return of her beloved pet. She pleaded [on / for] his safe return and told the rabbitnappers that Darius was too old to be [breed / bred] .

Darius' disappearance comes [mid / amid] a spike in pet thefts in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic. Darius' owner has made an [impassioned / passionate] appeal to those who made [on / off] with her rabbit. She said: "Every animal is an individual that can't be replaced, and it's just so [upsetting / setting] because he is [such / so] a loveable character." The police said Darius' abduction was a high-profile [bag / case] as the animal was a celebrity in England and has made [dozen / dozens] of TV appearances. They believe the abductors have a potential "ulterior motive," and that it could be the work [of / to] organized criminals who knew his commercial value. The UK's policing minister Kit Malthouse called animal theft a "[vile / file] crime" and promised to crack [up / down] on it.

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