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Croissant terrorizes residents in Poland






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People are afraid of strange things, like peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. The latest thing to cause fear for people in Poland is a croissant. The crescent-shaped flaky pastry scared some residents in the city of Krakow. They mistook a croissant for a dangerous animal. They called for help to get the "animal" removed from a tree opposite their apartment. They were so worried that they kept their windows closed for a few days. The Krakow Animal Welfare Society wrote that a woman called them to report the unidentified "predator" sitting in the tree.

Animal welfare officers asked the residents to describe the animal. One resident mistook the croissant for a bird; another said it was a lizard. One officer explained what happened. He said he went to the apartment where the residents lived to check the strange animal. He said he saw a "brown creature sitting on a branch," and that its "brown coat was shining in the sun". He added: "The poor little guy had no legs or head." When he saw the croissant, he was "almost swept off his feet by a laughing attack". He said it was better to be safe than sorry and to report any sightings of strange animals.

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