Speed Reading — Chimera - Level 4 — 500 wpm

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More examples of science fiction are becoming science fact. Scientists have created the world's first part-human, part-monkey embryo. The result of this fusion is called a chimera. It could lead to lifesaving medical advances. A bio-scientist said this breakthrough was important for organ transplants. He said: "The long-term goal...is to grow human organs in pigs - kidneys, livers, hearts, etc." Thousands of people die every year waiting for a transplant.

In this groundbreaking research, scientists injected human cells into monkey embryos and studied their development. The bio-scientist said there were ethical concerns but chimera are common. He said: "Every time a person gets an organ transplant, the result is an intra-species chimera - an organism made up of cells from two members of the same species....When a human gets a pig heart valve, she becomes an inter-species chimera."

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