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The words
The plan created [to / by] Europe's top football clubs to create a breakaway super league seems to be falling [part / apart] less than 48 hours after it was [launched / lunched] . A group of 12 of the richest football teams in Europe announced they would take part [on / in] the European Super League (ESL) starting in August. This created fury among fans, players, managers, Premier League teams and [ever / even] the British Prime Minister and Britain's Prince William. They [all / whole] said the new league would destroy football. They said it was created by greedy club [owner / owners] . There has been so much [anger / hunger] that top clubs Chelsea and Manchester City are already preparing [for / to] withdraw from the ESL due a backlash from [fan / fans] .

Six of England's richest teams [greedy / agreed] to participate in the breakaway ESL, including Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal. Top teams from Spain (including Barcelona) and Italy also [singed / signed] up. No teams from Germany and France [be / are] involved, making the ESL [less / fewer] European. In Germany, teams are 51-per-cent [own / owned] by fans, so fan power is bigger in Germany than [at / in] England. The UK government said it will take "whatever action is necessary," including [legally / legal] options, to stop the ESL. Fourteen Premier League clubs said they would take legal action to [exhale / expel] the six English clubs from the Premier League. Football's governing [bodies / hips] FIFA and UEFA said players who played in the ESL could be [binned / banned] from the World Cup.

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