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Woman gives birth to nine children






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Most of us know what twins, triplets and quadruplets are, but do we know the word for nine babies born at a single birth? The answer is nonuplets. A 25-year-old Malian woman, Halima Cisse, has given birth to nine babies. This is a new world record. People in Mali followed the pregnancy with great interest. They were surprised when doctors announced the nonuplets. After having scans, Ms Cisse thought she would have seven babies (septuplets).

Ms Cisse is in good health. Her five baby boys and four girls are doing well. Mali's health minister congratulated her on the "happy outcome". He thanked Mali's president for his "leadership and generosity" which helped Halima. It was a little touch-and-go in the early stages of the pregnancy. Doctors worried about Ms Cisse's welfare and the chances of her babies' survival. They asked a hospital in Morocco for help. She got good postnatal care there.

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