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A 96-year-old DJ has [retired / retried] after broadcasting for more than seven decades. Ray Cordeiro hosted his final radio [shown / show] in Hong Kong. It has been running on the RTHK station [for / since] 1970. Mr Cordeiro is a legendary broadcaster in Hong Kong and is a household name for [severed / several] generations of Hong Kongers. The veteran DJ decided it was the right time to hang [on / up] his boots on his show All The Way With Ray on Saturday night. He [ending / ended] his final programme with his customary words: "Well, that's it. Thank you very much for [tuning / turning] in. Goodbye. Thank you for coming." He said he was the "[luckless / luckiest] man in the world". He told listeners: "To [do / doing] what I want to do, to love what I want to love. I don't think I have any [regrets / regress] ."

Ray Cordeiro is affectionately called Uncle Ray. He is [knowing / known] for his trademark baritone voice and for [worn / wearing] a flat cap. His shows were full of easy-listening music and chat in English and Cantonese. In 2000, the Guinness Book of World Records [awards / awarded] him the title of the world's most durable DJ. His [fame / frame] extended beyond the [shores / shorts] of Hong Kong. In his [roll / role] as Hong Kong's most celebrated broadcaster, he got to know some of the biggest names [on / in] the music industry, including the Beatles. He said COVID-19 affected his decision [by / to] retire. He said: "Working these [past / passed] many months in the presence of COVID-19 was difficult, especially knowing that I am [in / on] the high-risk demographic."

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