Speed Reading — Bald Eagles - Level 0 — 300 wpm

Now do this put-the-text-back-together activity.

This is the text (if you need help).

People in Alaska are buying special vests to protect their pets from bald eagles. Recently, eagles stole some dogs. The eagles can fly away with a 6-kilogram dog. There are around 30,000 bald eagles in Alaska. Bird lovers are happy about this, but pet owners are worried. Farmers dislike the eagles because they kill their chickens.

The vest is called the CoyoteVest. It protects dogs from coyotes - wild dogs. The vest has sharp things on it. These protect the pet. Some vests are brightly coloured to scare birds away. It is made from a strong material. This protects dogs from the teeth of larger dogs. It gives owners time to help their pet before it gets hurt.

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