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The words
A man decided not to [climb / clamber] Mount Everest because he had a bad dream from the "Mountain Goddess". The man is a 51-year-old Nepalese Sherpa [name / called] Kami Rita. He is not [any / many] ordinary mountain climber. He is already the record holder for climbing Mount Everest the most [times / time] . He climbed the world's highest peak [from / for] a record 25th time [earlier / past] this month. He told reporters: "I was making my 26th attempt and [had / has] reached Camp Three, but the weather turned bad and I had a really bad dream. The gods were [scolding / telling] me not to go and because I really believe [on / in] God, I decided to return." He added: "I take orders from goddesses". Mr Rita did not give any more details about what was [on / in] his dream.

Kami Rita is a climbing [legend / legendary] and a hero in the Himalayan nation of Nepal. He has the nickname Snow Leopard because of his decades [of / to] experiences in climbing Everest and [another / other] mountains. He first scaled Everest in 1994 and has [done / did] the climb nearly every year since then. He said he would make another attempt [up / at] the climb in 2022, saying: "I [felt / feeling] the Goddess did not want me to go up again this year. After [receiving / received] the signals, I returned to Kathmandu. I will go back again next year to [complete / compete] my dream." The Sherpa people believe Everest is a goddess. They take part in a religious ceremony to [pay / spend] their respects to the mountain and to have good luck before [start / starting] a climb.

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