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The words
Amazon wants to help [its / them] workers with stress and mental health problems. The company [plants / plans] to put special booths in its warehouses to help workers [relaxed / relax] . They are called "wellness chambers". The booths are part [ / off] of a new scheme called "WorkingWell". Workers can sit inside a booth and [ / watching] watch videos about relaxation. Amazon has said the chambers are part of a [cistern / system] called "AmaZen". Zen is a practice [passerby / whereby] people meditate and focus [on / in] being calm. The company said: "During shifts, employees can visit AmaZen stations and [look / watch] short videos featuring easy-to-follow well-being activities, including guided meditations...and calming [senses / scenes] with sounds."

Not all was [clam / calm] and Zen-like on social media after Amazon shared a video of the AmaZen chamber on its Twitter [account / accountant] . Many social media users criticised [a / the] video and the idea of the wellness chamber. Most of the criticism [was / be] because of working conditions at Amazon's warehouses. Britain's Independent newspaper reported [in / on] an Amazon worker who said the chambers would not [work / working] . The worker described his experiences of working at Amazon. He said: "You don't get [treat / treated] like a person. They work you like a robot… You don't have time to...get water. You don't have [time / hour] to go to the bathroom." Amazon said: "The health and [safety / safe] of employees is our number one priority and has been since day [once / one] ."

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