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More and more children are suffering "eco-anxiety". This is a condition that causes people to worry a lot the future Earth and the life it. People worry about climate change, pollution and the loss biodiversity. This has led education experts to call more teaching in schools about climate change, wildlife and the environment. Many teachers say very little is taught schools about climate change. Some teachers believe climate change should be taught to all year groups. The Teach the Future campaign group found that only four per cent schoolchildren felt they knew enough the climate crisis. The group said this is leading to more children suffering eco-anxiety.

Another campaign group, Earth Rangers, has taken action to address the problem eco-anxiety. It said: "Eco-anxiety is not an official diagnosable disorder. However, it does affect children very real ways. This includes feelings fear, hopelessness and despair." It added: "It is important to research and understand the ways which we can help children find effective strategies to cope these feelings." Earth Rangers said schools should create conservation activities and help children to teach their parents how to protect nature. The Earth Rangers president said more needed to be done to help children. She said: "Children are the front lines climate change."

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