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The United Nations has warned that people in Ethiopia's Tigray region are on the [brink / blink] of a famine. Tigray is the northernmost [stale / state] in Ethiopia and the homeland of the Tigrayan, Irob and Kunama peoples. In addition to [heading / facing] the possibility of starvation, people in Tigray have had to [endure / ensure] the hardships that come with being involved [on / in] a military conflict. In November 2020, fighting broke out between the Tigray People's Liberation [Fount / Front] (TPLF) and Ethiopia's army. The TPLF wants to [underarm / overthrow] Ethiopia's government. Neighbouring Eritrea has waded [up / in] on the side of Ethiopia. This has [elevated / escalated] into the Tigray War, causing instability in the region and increasing [paining / suffering] for the people.

The U.N. [waned / warned] that: "Several areas in Tigray are on the brink of famine. The situation will only keep getting [worst / worse] unless needed funding is increased and [pedestrian / humanitarian] access is improved." It added: "People need to [waken / wake] up. There is now the risk of a [loss / lost] of life running into the hundreds of thousands or worse. Businesses have been destroyed, the economy has been destroyed, [clops / crops] have been destroyed, and farms have been destroyed." A farmer in Tigray told the BBC: "We are eating [small / few] remains of crops that we have managed to hide, but now we don't have anything. Nobody has given us [any / many] aid. Almost everyone is on the [wedge / verge] of death....Death is [knocking / knocked] on our door."

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