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Cutting-edge technology is getting back to [nurture / nature] . A company has tested a new satellite that is [preeminently / predominantly] made from plywood. The satellite is called Woodsat. It is the [brainchild / brainy] of engineer Jari Makinen, co-founder of a [finish / Finnish] company called Arctic Astronautics. It is just 10cm [cubed / coped] in size. He has already successfully tested his DIY, but high-tech, device [on / in] the stratosphere. He attached it to a weather balloon, which took it to an [attitude / altitude] of 30km above Earth - just before the endless [expanse / spouse] of space itself. The balloon exploded (as planned) and Woodsat safely [paralleled / parachuted] back to Earth. Mr Makinen happily reported that all communications equipment survived the [hushed / harsh] conditions.

Makinen plans to launch Woodsat [into / onto] space later this year. He said it was the realisation of a dream. He started a company to produce [fluffy / fully] functional wooden replicas of orbit-ready [nomenclature / miniature] satellites called CubeSats. These are used for space research, education and hobby [porpoises / purposes] . Makinen explained: "I've always enjoyed making model planes that [involve / revolve] a lot of wooden parts. Having worked in the space education [patch / field] , this got me [wondering / wandering] why we don't fly any wooden materials into space." He came [down / up] with the idea for Woodsat in 2017 and "the project just [froze / snowballed] ". He said: "We found commercial backing, and secured a [bunch / berth] on an Electron launcher from Rocket Lab in New Zealand."

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