Speed Reading — World Record - Level 4 — 200 wpm

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This is the text (if you need help).

There is a world record for everything these days. Who knew there was one for the tallest pile of M&Ms? A civil engineer has broken the record for balancing M&Ms on top of each other. He did it to stop the boredom of being locked down. He used his engineering skills to pile the multi-coloured chocolates five high. People might think this is a beatable record. The engineer thinks otherwise. He challenged anybody to try and better his balancing record.

The engineer spoke about why he broke the M&M record. His lifelong ambition was to break a Guinness record. He bought the book every year and dreamt of his name being in it. He got the idea for the record while he was eating M&M chocolates during lockdown. He was curious to know how many M&Ms he could pile up. He said: "It takes time, but if you stick at it, you will find a way." He now wants to let his creative juices flow to see what else he is good at.

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