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The Black Swimming Association is up in [legs / arms] over a ban on the use of a swim cap at the [incoming / upcoming] Tokyo Olympics. FINA, the body that [irregularities / regulates] international swimming, has rejected an application from the brand SOUL CAP. Its [produce / product] is a cap that accommodates diverse hairstyles and [hairy / hair] types. The company wants the cap [certified / satiated] for competition swimming. It wants to help swimmers with afros, [braids / breads] , dreadlocks, hair extensions, weaves, and thick and curly hair. FINA said it would not [permission / permit] the Soul Cap because swimmers have never used a cap "of [so / such] size and configuration" before. FINA stated it would not be permitted because "it didn't fit the [naturally / natural] form of the head".

The Black Swimming Association was [ghosted / aghast] at the decision and called it a step [backwards / backing] for black swimmers. It warned it would drive away swimmers from [reverse / diverse] backgrounds. BSA spokeswoman Danielle Obe said: "This will affect younger and [up-and-coming / up-and-going] swimmers who might want to consider taking up elite swimming." She added: "At the highest level, we're hearing [what / that] , 'we want the sport to be inclusive and representative; we want to have people of [colour / colouring] in the sport, but we want them to join [in / on] our terms'. This will affect their decision because by and [big / large] , hair is a significant barrier, [special / especially] for women." The caps are allowed at all Swim England [clubs / cubs] and competitions.

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