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The words
Gyms and fitness clubs in and [abound / around] South Korea's capital Seoul now have a [limit / limited] on what kind of music they can play. The government has set a maximum [speedy / speed] on the tunes allowed. This is to limit [a / the] spread of Covid-19. There are the [begins / beginnings] of a new coronavirus wave in South Korea. The new measures are to stop people [breathing / breath] too quickly or splashing sweat on [each / one] other. Health officials have told gyms not to play music with a tempo higher than 120 beats [per / for] minute. The songs Bad Romance by Lady Gaga and Le Freak by the group Chic [falls / fall] just under the limit at 119 bpm. K-pop fans will be relieved to know they can work [out / in] to BTS. The BTS hit Dynamite is around 115 bpm.

South Korea's Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum [warmed / warned] the nation that the country had [reached / reaches] "maximum crisis level". President Moon Jae-in said he felt [sorry / apologise] for business owners affected by the rules. He said: "I can't help [but / so] feel very sorry to once again ask the citizens for a little more [patients / patience] ." Many gym owners are unhappy with the new rules. One [say / said] : "My biggest question is whether playing classical [music / musically] or songs by BTS has been proved to have any impact [on / as] spreading the virus." He asked: "Many people use their own earphones... [these / them] days, so how do you control their playlists?" Another new rule is that treadmills will be limited [on / to] a maximum speed of 6kph.

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