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The words
The UK is [considering / considered] several measures to help people eat more healthily. The government asked a food [expat / expert] to come up with some ideas. The expert is Henry Dimbleby, the founder of a [chair / chain] of restaurants. Mr Dimbleby created the National Food Strategy and presented [it / them] to the UK government earlier [next / this] week. The strategy included two [main / mainly] ideas. One is a tax [on / at] food containing salt and sugar, which the media have called a "snack tax". The second idea is to give vegetables to [poverty / poorer] people for free. Mr Dimbleby warned that what we eat, and how it is produced, is doing "terrible damage" to the environment and [at / to] our health. Poor diet leads to 64,000 deaths a year in England and puts [great / greatly] pressure on hospitals.

Despite the government asking [for / from] the strategy, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not happy [without / with] it. He said he could not support it because he was "not [magnetism / attracted] to the idea of extra taxes on hard-working people". Mr Johnson said the strategy could [arise / increase] the price of snack food by [down / up] to 13 per cent. He added that the best way to [tackle / foul] obesity and to encourage healthier lifestyles was for people to exercise and eat [more / less] junk food. Mr Dimbleby said: "With the right leadership from government, it is [good / well] within our power to change the system so it makes [both / either] us and the planet healthier." He added: "We must now [seize / size] the moment to build a better food system for our children and grandchildren."

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