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The words
When we think [of / as] expensive liquids, quality champagne or French perfumes come to mind. You might [been / be] surprised to discover that printer ink is [two / one] of the world's costliest liquids. A [scurvy / survey] from the U.K. consumer watchdog "Which?" revealed that some printer ink that is sold by tech companies is [pricy / pricier] than many champagnes. It reported that printer ink from printer makers can be [up / down] to 286% more expensive than [alternatively / alternative] ink from companies that do not make printers. The watchdog said that some [bland / branded] printer ink can cost as much as $846 a litre. A consumer rights [expat / expert] from Which? said: "Printer ink shouldn't cost more than a bottle of [high-end / high-start] champagne or Chanel No 5."

Which? said non-branded ink [cartridges / cartridge] can be as good as, if not better than the cartridges made [buy / by] the big printer makers. The expert said: "We've found that there are [lots / lot] of third-party products that are outperforming [them / their] branded counterparts at a [fraction / function] of the cost." Which? [calculated / calculation] that buying non-branded ink could save [consumes / consumers] around $398 a year. It added that deciding which ink to put in a printer should be "a personal [choice / choose] and not dictated by the make of your printer". Printer manufacturers said they produce better [qualify / quality] ink. Epson said: "As non-genuine inks are not designed or tested by Epson, we cannot guarantee these inks will not damage [their / the] printer."

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