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Singer-songwriter Pink has got involved [on / in] a sexism row in the sport [of / at] beach handball. She has come to the aid [of / at] the Norwegian women's team after they were fined for not [worn / wearing] bikini bottoms during the 2021 European Beach Handball Championships. The singer has offered to pay the fines [footed / handed] out to Norway's competitors for wearing "[improperly / improper] clothing". Male competitors were allowed to wear shorts, but the women were [required / requiring] to wear bikinis. The European Handball Federation (EHF) fined the team $1,765 for not [compliance / complying] with the regulations. Pink [took / gave] to Twitter and offered to pay the fine. She added that the EHF should be [found / fined] "for sexism".

The Norwegian Handball Federation president said the bikinis were "not [appropriacy / appropriate] clothing for the activity when the women are playing in the sand". The team's [request / required] to wear shorts during the championships was turned [off / down] . Male players were allowed to play [on / in] sports shirts and shorts no [lengthen / longer] than 10cm above the knee; while women were expected to wear midriff-baring [above / tops] and bikini bottoms "with a close fit and [cut / slice] on an upward [angle / border] toward the top of the leg". Norway's Minister of Culture called the discriminatory [dress / clothe] rule "antiquated" and "completely ridiculous". It questioned: "How many attitude changes are needed [at / in] the old-fashioned international patriarchy of sports?"

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