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The words
The Taliban have [ruptured / captured] an Afghan provincial capital city for the first time since 2001. Police in the city of Zaranj, capital [of / off] the southern Nimroz province, said Taliban forces are now [on / in] control. Nimroz is on the border with Iran. The police there were [unable / inability] to fight because there were too few government soldiers to help. A Taliban official said it was an important [daily / day] for the group. He said the victory would increase the [moral / morale] of his fighters in other provinces. He added: "This is just the [begin / beginning] . Other provinces will fall into our [hands / feet] very soon." There is currently [heavy / heavily] fighting in the cities of Lashkar Gah, Kanduz, Herat and Kandahar. They may fall [then / before] the Taliban fight for the nation's capital Kabul.

The Taliban are fighting to [take / give] control of Afghanistan for the first [time / times] since 2001. This is when US-led forces [defeated / defeat] them after the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. The USA and other western powers have [spent / spending] 20 years trying to train an Afghan army and police officers to [give / keep] the country peaceful. However, the Taliban never gave up their fight to take the country back. The USA and the UK are [currency / currently] pulling their forces out of Afghanistan. They are ending their time in the country after 20 years. The UN's special [convoy / envoy] for Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons, said the [wart / war] there had entered "a new, deadlier, and more destructive [phrase / phase] ". She warned that the country was heading [for / from] "catastrophe".

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