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The words
We hear about climate change [prettily / pretty] much every day now. We see pictures of floods, fires and heatwaves on TV [news / newsworthy] . Scientists have [adjust / just] announced that July was the hottest month ever [recording / recorded] . The scientists are from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the USA. A spokesperson from NOAA said: "July is [typical / typically] the world's warmest month [off / of] the year, but July 2021 [outdid / did] itself as the hottest July and hottest month ever." NOAA said Earth's land and ocean [surface / bottom] temperature in July was 0.93 degree Celsius higher than the 20th-century average [to / of] 15.8 degrees Celsius. The Northern Hemisphere was 1.54 degrees Celsius hotter than [average / averaging] .

The NOAA spokesperson said this [newly / new] record was worrying. He said: "In this case, first place is the [worsen / worst] place to be." The announcement from NOAA [comes / goes] a week after a 4,000-page report [in / on] climate change from the United Nations. Its report is from the Inter-governmental Panel [in / on] Climate Change (IPCC). It clearly stated that [humans / human] had changed the climate. It [write / wrote] : "It is clear that human influence has [warmed / warned] the atmosphere, ocean and land." A total of 234 scientists from 66 countries worked on the report. It warns that [extremely / extreme] weather will continue to get worse. It says "every region" will experience "multiple changes" in weather, like sweltering heat and [flood / flooding] .

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