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The words
Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai has [asking / asked] countries around the world to open [their / them] borders to Afghan refugees. Malala is worried about the safety [to / of] millions of Afghans after the Taliban took [over / under] Afghanistan on August the 15th. Malala is an [activism / activist] for human rights and comes from Pakistan. She was shot [in / on] the head by a Taliban gunman in 2012 because she [supportive / supported] education for girls. She was 15 years old at that time and was on the bus on her way [for / to] school. She is now worried that girls in Afghanistan will not receive a [prosper / proper] education. She is also concerned that women in Afghanistan will not have the freedom they have had for the [past / passed] twenty years.

Ms Yousafzai became the youngest [even / ever] Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2014 at the age of 17. She has [for / since] continued campaigning for the education of women and children. She spoke to the BBC about [a / the] situation in Afghanistan. She called [recent / recently] events "shocking" and said there is now an "urgent humanitarian [crises / crisis] ". She said: "We are living in a world where we're [talking / talked] about advancements, about equality, about gender equality. We cannot see a country [going / coming] decades and centuries back." She added: "We have to take some [bald / bold] actions for the protection of women and girls, for the protection of [majority / minority] groups and for peace and stability in [there / that] region."

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