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There has been a relentless [quest / question] to find sustainable energy sources in the past decades. One source of energy that has thus far [deluded / eluded] scientists is nuclear fusion. This is the Holy Grail of clean energy. Generations of physicists have tried to [complicate / replicate] this reaction. Scientists in the USA say they recreated the [powerful / power] of the Sun for a minuscule [fraction / friction] of a second. Powerful lasers [blistered / blasted] a tiny target to create a reaction. The [bust / burst] lasted just 100 trillionths of a second, but it created 10 quadrillion [whys / watts] of power. Ten quadrillion is equal to 1 [followed / following] by 16 zeros. The power the scientists created is the equivalent of 6 per cent of all the energy from the Sun hitting Earth's surface at any given [momentum / moment] .

Nuclear fusion [powers / strengthens] the Sun and other stars. The website cnet.com said it is "a long-sought-after panacea for [much / many] energy and environmental challenges". Nuclear fusion power plants could [absolve / solve] our clean energy [compendium / conundrum] and provide infinite, safe, clean and green power. It could also [reserve / reverse] the damage we do to the environment. Physicist Dr Debbie Callahan, who worked [on / in] the experiment, spoke about the [breakthrough / breakout] . She said it is a "huge advance for fusion" and a big step [forward / toward] generating "a net-positive amount of energy". Futurism.com said: "The promise is [was / as] lucrative as it has ever been - an infinite supply of carbon-neutral energy without ever [ruining / running] the risk of a nuclear meltdown."

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