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The words
The pop group ABBA are making a [backing / comeback] . They will release five new songs, a new album, and they have a new stage show. It is the first time [on / in] 39 years the group will release any new music. The Swedish group [formation / formed] in Stockholm in 1972 and became [once / one] of the most popular and successful pop groups [on / in] the history of pop music. They are famous for songs such [as / was] Dancing Queen and The Winner Takes It All. A musical romantic comedy film [name / called] Mamma Mia! was released in 2008. This showcased [much / many] of their biggest hits. The movie later became a stage show, which is [currently / current] the seventh longest-running show in London's musicals history. It is also the ninth longest-running show [in / on] New York's Broadway.

ABBA's millions of fans have been [hoping / hoped] for a comeback for many years. The group just [lunched / launched] a website called ABBA Voyage. The site invites fans [to / of] register their interest in a new mystery project that will be announced [on / in] September the 2nd. However, ABBA's guitarist accidentally [revelled / revealed] that a new album is coming in the autumn. Fans will be disappointed to [learning / learn] that the stage show will not [include / preclude] ABBA in the flesh. Instead, there will be holograms of the group. These will be digitally-created lifelike avatars of [all / each] group member. The avatars have [been / being] nicknamed "ABBAtars". There will be eight shows a week [that / what] will take place in a newly-built theatre in London.

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