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The automotive and other industries [around / about] the globe are facing production challenges [duly / due] to a shortage of semiconductors. A global semiconductor shortage has [cased / caused] car giant General Motors to halt production at [all / whole] but four of its plants in North America. GM owns a number of popular car brands, [inclusive / including] Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC. A GM spokesperson told the Detroit Free Press news agency that the company is focused [on / in] trying to resolve its supply-chain difficulties. He said: "[However / Although] the situation remains complex and very fluid, we remain [confidence / confident] in our team's ability to continue finding creative solutions to minimize the impact [on / in] our highest-demand and capacity-constrained [vehicles / vehicle] ."

Semiconductors are [the / an] indispensable part of many of the gadgets and electrical products we use [on / in] our everyday lives. Sony, Toyota, Ford and [other / another] multinational companies are reporting production [pitches / hitches] due to the current dearth in supply. One reason [of / for] the shortage is the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff shortages in factories that manufacture the chips in China, South Korea and Taiwan have [negatively / negated] hit production. The website engadget.com said companies would [experiential / experience] challenges for the foreseeable future. It reported: "With the shortages expected [of / to] continue until at least 2023, and no immediate [solutions / solves] forthcoming, GM likely won't be the last company to change its [production / reproduction] schedule."

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