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The words
Scientists are working on [bringing / brought] back the woolly mammoth. The giant creature is an [ancestor / ancestry] of the Asian elephant. It became extinct over 4,000 years ago, but [scientist / scientists] and entrepreneurs want to bring it back to [life / living] . The idea is like something from the movie Jurassic Park. Scientists will use the DNA from the bones of a mammoth [finding / found] in Siberia to revive the mammoth. They will also use cloning techniques. It would be the first time [for / since] the ice age for a mammoth to walk on the earth. The [lead / iron] scientist is professor George Church, a [genetics / geneticist] from Harvard Medical School. He is an expert in [jeans / gene] editing. An entrepreneur, Ben Lamm, said: "Our goal is to have our first calves in the next four [by / to] six years."

Ben Lamm is founder of a technology and software company called Colossal. He has [provided / gave] $15 million for the research to move [forward / backward] . He said he has big plans to [bring / bringing] the mammoth back to life and to [revival / revive] other species. He said he [hoped / hopped] to "rapidly advance the field of species de-extinction" and "to restore the woolly mammoth to the Arctic tundra". Mr Lamm [beliefs / believes] the research will result in innovations that will [benefit / beneficial] biotechnology and health care. Lamm compared the project to the Apollo missions to the moon. He said [they / it] made people excited about space. They led to the development of everyday products [like / same] freeze-dried food, and of technology such as GPS. Mr Lamm believes genetics will [improvement / improve] our lives.

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