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There many reasons for delays at airports. Sometimes it's bad weather, sometimes it's a technical problem, and other times it's a passenger who late to the boarding gate. Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan has a new cause of flight delays - a turtle for a walk. The runway at Narita had to for 12 minutes because a 2.1-kilogram turtle was on the tarmac. The pilot of an airplane waiting to off told air traffic controllers about the small reptile at around 11:35am. There was an immediate search for it. This the delay of five flights. Airport staff to locate the creature. They safely it with a net. They reported that it was unharmed.

A Narita Airport spokesperson said she the turtle in a nearby pond. It to get under a fence alongside the airport and onto the runway. The turtle might have to sunbathe because of the warm weather. It was a lot warmer than usual at the airport for the time of the year. Shortly after the turtle was , an A380 airplane off from the runway. By coincidence, the A380 was in a turtle design. The plane was from the Japanese airline ANA. It was to the island of Okinawa in the south of Japan. An ANA spokesperson said: "Turtles are seen as bringing good luck. We this turtle, who came to see the flight off, signals a bright future."

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