Sentence Dictation Answers - 2020 Dubai Expo opens to 'astonish the world'

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The 2020 Dubai Expo has finally opened after being delayed by the pandemic.

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An extravagant opening ceremony ushered in the global event.

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A host of stars from the music world joined the spectacular ceremony.

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The Reuters news agency wrote about the lavish ceremony of fireworks.

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Messaging about the power of global collaboration for a more sustainable future.

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The World Expo is a global event that takes place in a different city every five years.

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Its aims are to showcase solutions to fundamental challenges faced by humanity.

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Dedicated to the sub-themes of sustainability mobility and opportunity.

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Visitors will see cutting edge and cultural exhibitions from almost 200 countries.

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Dubai's ruler promised that Expo 2020 would astonish the world.

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