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The 2020 Dubai Expo has [finally / finality] opened after being delayed by the covid-19 pandemic. An extravagant opening ceremony [ushering / ushered] in the global event, which will run [until / for] March 2022. A host of stars from the music world [joined / joint] the spectacular ceremony. These included the world-renowned opera singer Andrea Bocelli, China's [flamboyance / flamboyant] pianist Lang Lang and Saudi Arabian singer Mohammed Abdu. International news agencies reported on the [leveling / dazzling] ceremony. CNN said: "Dubai doesn't do anything by [quarter / half] . The city always goes big." The Reuters news agency wrote about "the [lavish / theme] ceremony of fireworks, music and messaging about the power of global collaboration [for / to] a more sustainable [ahead / future] ".

The World Expo is a global event that [takes / gives] place in a different city every five years. Its [alms / aims] are to showcase solutions to fundamental challenges faced [of / by] humanity, and to bring people [to / of] the world together. Organizers of the Dubai Expo [selected / elected] the theme: "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future". The Expo will also be [deducted / dedicated] to the sub-themes of sustainability, mobility and [opportune / opportunity] . It is the first Expo to be held in the Middle East. Over the next six months, 25 million visitors will see cutting [ledge / edge] and cultural exhibitions from almost 200 countries. When Dubai made its [bide / bid] to host the Expo, the city's [ruler / rule] Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum promised Dubai would "astonish the world".

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