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The words
Most people [associates / associate] the company Michelin with car tyres, guide books and stars for [quality / qualify] restaurants. However, the French tyre maker is now helping ships to be more environmentally friendly. The company has [tested / testing] giant sails that it hopes will make shipping greener. Shipping [currently / currency] produces a lot of carbon dioxide as oil tankers, container ships and giant [cruised / cruise] ships rely on fossil [fuels / fuelling] to move around the world's [ocean / oceans] . Experts say the industry produces around 940 million tons of CO2 annually, and [that / what] it is responsible for about 2.5 per cent of the world's greenhouse [gas / gasses] . Michelin's engineers say their revolutionary [newly / new] sails could reduce the amount of CO2 produced by the shipping industry by 20 per cent.

Michelin is using the ancient technology [of / to] sails to tackle the most urgent problem [facing / fading] the world today - climate change. Boats have [used / using] sails for 5,000 years to cross oceans or travel [under / along] rivers. The new Michelin sails are [difference / different] . They are inflatable. This means a ship's crew can fill the sails with air to [inflate / inflation] them to full size. The sails can be deflated [quickly / quick] if a ship needs to sail under a low bridge. The sails Michelin tested are 280 square metres in size. The company [hoping / hopes] to start manufacturing and selling them in 2022. A company spokesperson said: "Our [arm / aim] is to contribute to the de-carbonization of maritime transport." He added that the good thing about wind is that it is a [free / freely] fuel.

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