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Many of us spend hours dreaming of getting away [from / for] it all - of getting far from the madding crowd. Two men from the Solomon Islands inadvertently did [adjust / just] that and spent 29 days [escaped / escaping] the rat race. They got lost at sea for [overly / over] four weeks. Livae Nanjikana and Junior Qoloni set [off / on] from Mono Island on September the 3rd in a small motorboat to travel 200km to New Georgia Island. It was [the / a] trip they had embarked on several times [afore / before] . Soon after they set out, they were hit by a storm which [did / played] havoc with their navigation system. They lost their ability to [defect / detect] their location or find their bearings at sea. The storm blew them off course and they ended [up / down] off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

The two men were upbeat about their unplanned adventure. [Prefer / Rather] than be distressed about their once-precarious [plight / blight] , they enjoyed the potentially life-threatening [escapade / escape] at sea. Mr Nanjikana said: "We didn't know where we were but did not [excerpt / expect] to be in another country." They [survival / survived] by eating oranges they had bought for their journey and coconuts they [scooped / scoped] out of the sea. A Papua New Guinean fisherman spotted their boat and [authority / authorities] rescued them. Nanjikana said: "I look forward to going back home, but I guess it was a nice break from [something / everything] ." However, due to COVID-19 [reductions / restrictions] , they will not be able to travel from Papua New Guinea to the Solomon Islands for a little [while / awhile] yet.

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