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The words
People around the world are trying to get [holding / hold] of clothes worn by characters in the [hugely / huge] popular South Korean TV series "Squid Game". In [particularly / particular] , the "Made in Korea" green tracksuits and pink jumpsuits from the [show / shown] are in huge [demand / demanded] as a Halloween costume. Internet stores worldwide have been flooded with [demands / orders] . Garment factories in South Korea are struggling [for / to] make enough of the clothes to keep [down / up] with demand. Clothes factory owner Kim Jin-ja from Seoul said: "October is usually a slow month for the sewing [industrial / industry] , but thanks to Squid Game and Halloween, we are scrambling to sew [enough / plenty] clothes." She added: "We are now sewing 6,000 green tracksuits for toddlers and children."

Squid Game is a [survive / survival] drama series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk. It was [first / firstly] broadcast on Netflix on September the 17th. It has since become a [globally / global] hit and is Netflix's most-watched series [ever / every] . It reached number one in 90 countries, including the United States. Netflix estimated [that / what] over 142 million people watched Squid Game in the 28 days [follows / following] its release. The series is about a contest between 456 players who are [out / in] a lot of debt. They all play children's games to try to win a $40 million prize to get out [of / to] debt. However, the simple games could result [in / on] their death. Squid Game is another example of South Korean culture becoming [popularity / popular] around the world, following K-pop and K-dramas.

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