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The words
Many countries at the COP26 climate change conference are making [promises / promise] to help Earth. They have [singed / signed] agreements to end deforestation and [cut / snip] methane emission levels by 30 per cent [by / at] 2030. Bosses of global companies are also at COP26. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, made a [speak / speech] on Tuesday. He promised to give $2 billion to help nature. He said the money would [restore / store] landscapes to their more [naturally / natural] state. He also wants to transform food [systems / system] to make food production more sustainable. Mr Bezos also set up The Bezos Earth Fund in 2020. This is a $10-billion [project / protect] to help fight climate change. In September, this fund gave $1 billion to help threatened [indigenous / dangerous] peoples.

Jeff Bezos said he [decision / decided] to give more money to protect the planet after going [into / onto] space in July. He said that looking at Earth from space made him understand [the / an] importance of helping our planet. He said: "Looking [forward / back] at Earth from up there, the atmosphere seems so thin, the world so... [fragile / agile] ." In his COP26 speech, he said his trip into space changed [this / his] feelings about our planet. He said: "I was told that [seen / seeing] Earth from space changes the lens [through / threw] which you see the world, but I was not prepared for how much that would be true." He said it was [timed / time] for all countries and corporations to act. He said: "In this critical year...we must all stand [together / gather] to protect our world."

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