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The words
More than 500 people have been [sting / stung] by scorpions in Aswan, Egypt. Heavy rain forced hundreds of the eight-legged [creatives / creatures] into the streets and into people's [home / homes] earlier this week. Many of the people who were stung had to go to hospital. Doctors gave them anti-venom [injections / injects] . The people were able to go home after having the [jab / job] . Those stung by the scorpions had [symptoms / symptom] including [severe / several] pain, fever, vomiting and diarrhoea. The Health Ministry has put hospitals [on / in] alert just in case more people are stung. A weather expert asked farmers in the area to be [careful / carefully] , especially when planting crops. In addition, he asked people to be careful of snakes, which were also seen after [a / the] rain.

People in Aswan are worried [because / become] the scorpions in their town are very [dangerous / danger] . They are Arabian fat-tailed scorpions. Their nickname is "man-killer". The Al Jazeera news agency says they are [between / among] the most dangerous scorpions [in / on] the world. The venom in their sting is very [poisonous / poison] and can kill a human within an hour. However, fat-tailed scorpions [lively / live] in the mountains and rarely [go / come] into contact with humans. The weather expert advised people to wear [proper / properly] footwear when they went outside to avoid [get / getting] bitten. He said the scorpion numbers would go down after the rainwater dried [down / up] . Less than one per cent of the world's scorpion species are deadly.

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