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Foreign travel has been [yonder / beyond] most of us for the past 18 months because of restrictions caused [by / to] the coronavirus pandemic. However, there are signs of hope for us to resume our [adjourns / sojourns] to exotic and faraway [places / place] . The National Geographic magazine has released its list of the top 25 travel destinations for 2022. The list is split [into / onto] five categories: adventure, culture and history, family, nature and [sustainable / sustainability] . George Stone, Nat Geo's executive editor for travel, explained the [rational / rationale] behind the list and how covid-19 helped [shape / sharp] it. He said: "In many ways, the pandemic provided a [moment / momentary] for travellers and communities around the world to reflect and regroup on how we [implore / explore] the world."

The list includes [a / the] visit to London's Tin Pan Alley, famed [at / for] its music history, and a tour of Hokkaido, Japan, renowned for the unique heritage of its indigenous Ainu [persons / people] . For nature lovers, exploring Namibia's Caprivi Strip is recommended [for / of] its abundance of natural wildlife. Mr Stone said the pandemic has made people [choosier / chosen] about their vacations. He said: "People are [going / gone] to be making much more conscientious choices...so we wanted...specific [ideal / ideas] about what is a unique, revealing and safe destination [for / from] the year ahead." He added: "These [comparative / superlative] destinations speak of resilient communities, innovative conservation efforts, and thrilling opportunities for future [explore / exploration] ."

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