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Chefs the United Kingdom may soon have to change their cooking methods. They will no longer be able to boil seafood alive. The U.K. government is looking research that accepts that sea life lobsters, octopuses and crabs feel pain. The studies could change how people treat and kill these creatures. The research is part the UK's Animal Welfare Bill. This recognizes that all animals a spine are "sentient beings". Being "sentient" means being able to feel things pain, distress and joy. Researchers the London School Economics (LSE) looked 300 different studies to reach their conclusion that octopuses, squid, cuttlefish, crabs, lobsters and crayfish have feelings.

Dr Jonathan Birch, a professor the LSE and a researcher the Foundations Animal Sentience Project, commented the research. He said some sea creatures experienced pain and had feelings more than others. He said the research showed strong evidence that octopuses and lobsters are sentient. He said the new law means the fishing, retail and restaurant industries must change the way they treat and kill these creatures. This means the end inhumane practices boiling lobsters alive. He also said people should now be trained so they know how to kill these animals humanely. The UK government said it has "some of the strongest protections the world" animals.

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