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The words
China has [set / bet] a record for creating the highest heat ever recorded. Scientists created temperatures of up to 70,000,000ºC in an "artificial sun". The new record was [to / for] keeping the heat at a temperature that is five times hotter than the sun. It [did / heated] this for more than 17 minutes. The [extreme / extremely] heat was created in a nuclear fusion reactor. The reactor [is / be] part of the Experimental Advanced Super-conducting Tokamak project (EAST). It reproduces [a / the] natural reactions that happen inside our sun and [another / other] stars. The scientists want to develop the artificial sun [for / to] create a near-endless supply of clean energy. The EAST project has [cost / priced] China more than $950 billion. Total costs will [run / walk] over $1 trillion this year.

Scientists around the world have been [tying / trying] for decades to develop nuclear fusion. They say it is the best way to produce [cleanser / clean] energy. The nuclear fusion process needs no [fossil / fossils] fuels and leaves behind no dangerous [wasting / waste] . If scientists can make it work, the world will become greener and cleaner. It could also [mean / meant] lower fuel bills. EAST set the new record in a [lavatory / laboratory] . Nuclear fusion technology is still not advanced [for / enough] to become a global industry. However, researcher Dr Gong Xianzu, a nuclear fusion [expat / expert] , says the EAST project is an important [step / stair] . He said: "The recent operation lays a solid scientific and experimental foundation towards the [ruining / running] of a fusion reactor."

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