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Scientists in Antarctica have made a [surprise / surprising] and welcome discovery - the world's largest [breed / breeding] ground for fish. Researchers from Germany's Alfred Wegener Institute for [Polar / Solar] and Marine Research came across the fish while [mopping / mapping] the seabed of the Antarctic Weddell Sea. They discovered schools [of / off] around 60 million icefish breeding in an area [rough / roughly] 240 square kilometers in size. The research team had been [towing / stowing] a number of cameras to a depth of 530 metres under the Weddell Sea for [months / month] . Deep-sea biologist Autun Purser commented on the [fund / find] . He said: "The idea that such a huge breeding area of icefish in the Weddell Sea was previously undiscovered is totally [fastening / fascinating] ."

The researchers have been exploring the region hoping [to / for] establish it as an official Marine Protected Area. They say the seas are a [uniquely / unique] habitat that must [have / be] preserved. They want to prevent fishing and [invasion / invasive] research to keep the waters as [pristine / sustain] as possible. A recent University of Cambridge study found that fishing trawlers in Antarctica are bringing millions of "hitch-hiking" species from 1,500 [parts / ports] around the [globe / globular] . These are threatening the area's [agile / fragile] eco-systems. A researcher said: "So [for / far] , the remoteness and difficult sea-ice conditions of this southernmost area...have protected [it / them] , but...we should be much more ambitious with marine conservation."

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