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A cleanup operation has begun Tonga the island nation was hit a tsunami and covered in volcanic ash the weekend. The Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai undersea volcano erupted Saturday. Experts believe it was the world's biggest volcanic eruption over 30 years. It sent tsunami waves the Pacific to Japan and the U.S. coast. It also destroyed large parts Tonga. Islanders are now trying to restore services and normal life to the country. However, the ash is making this difficult. A lot the rescue and recovery work cannot go ahead until the ash has been cleared. It has buried many buildings. It is also blocking many the country's roads.

Tonga's government called the eruption the volcano and the tsunami "unprecedented". It said the twin disasters have severely affected life the island. There is no Internet because the only underwater cable connecting Tonga the World Wide Web was cut the eruption. Engineers are trying to restore full communications. It is also difficult to fly aid the country because the airport is damaged. Tonga's government is worried that rescue efforts may bring COVID-19 the country. Tonga shut its borders international arrivals in 2020. It said it was "covid-free" the tsunami. It now fears international aid workers could bring a "tsunami COVID-19" the country.

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