• Type in the correct tense of the verb in the spaces.
  • Click the button at the bottom to check your answers.
  • Press the "refresh" button on your browser to play again.

buy be publish upload become be be publish be become
create play play tweet imagine give guess give use remain
The New York Times newspaper has the online word game Wordle. The paper well known for the games it . Wordle is the latest addition to its list of puzzles. Wordle is a new online game. Its creator, Josh Wardle, only it in October. In the past four months, it has a craze around the world. Social media sites now full of posts from people playing the game and sharing their score. The New York Times said it paid "an undisclosed price in the low seven figures" for the game. A spokesperson was excited the paper would able to the game. She wrote: "We could not more thrilled to the new home and proud stewards of this magical game."

Mr Wardle is a former software engineer for the website Reddit. He Wordle for his partner to . He released it in October. He was surprised after 90 people it on the day of its release. It is now played by millions every day. Mr Wardle : "The game has got bigger than I ever (which I suppose isn't that much of a feat, I made the game for an audience of one)." Wordle players have six attempts to a five-letter word. After each attempt, the game the player feedback on which of the letters they have are in the correct place, or are correct letters but are in the wrong place. The New York Times said that "initially" the game would free.

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