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The UK's Queen Elizabeth II marked her platinum jubilee on Saturday by holding a [receptive / reception] for members of her local village. The Queen, 95, ascended [to / at] the British throne on February the 6th 1952 following the death of her father King George VI. The Queen will [park / mark] her 70-year anniversary [has / as] the UK monarch at her country estate. One [attendee / attendance] at Saturday's reception said the Queen was in "sparkling" form. She added: "Seventy years [in / on] the throne shows the Queen has been a [movement / moving] example to absolutely everyone in all [runs / walks] of life. She has been constant, compassionate and [stoicism / stoic] - everything that makes a perfect human being. She has great strength of character and has [overcome / overdone] so many things."

The Queen was [on / in] safari in Kenya 70 years ago when she received news of the death of her father. The [there / then] 25-year-old Princess Elizabeth was immediately elevated to being the [sovereign / sovereignty] . She is Britain's longest serving monarch. The [impervious / previous] record-holder, Queen Victoria, was Queen for 63 years. She died in 1901. Queen Elizabeth has been an ever-present part of UK life for almost [the / a] century. She has seen 14 Prime Ministers and 14 US presidents come and [gone / go] . She has also owned more than 30 corgis (her favourite dog) [during / while] her reign. Fox News wrote that the Queen has had, "an [unprecedented / precedence] reign that has made her a symbol of [stable / stability] as the United Kingdom navigated an age [of / at] uncertainty".

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