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The words
Germany has [announced / announcing] it has closed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that was [due / for] to transport natural gas from Russia to Europe. It [did / done] this because of Russia's actions in the Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin recognised two breakaway [region / regions] in eastern Ukraine [as / has] independent countries. President Putin claimed the Donetsk People's Republic and the Lugansk People's Republic were [separately / separate] nations. Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz said: "In light [of / off] the most recent developments, we must reassess the [situated / situation] ...regarding Nord Stream 2." He warned that Europe [faced / headed] "difficult hours," and that, "almost 80 years after the end of the Second World War, we might see a new [war / warn] in Eastern Europe".

Nord Stream 2 is a 1,200-km-long pipeline that [walks / runs] under the Baltic Sea. Closing it is one of [many / any] sanctions that Western nations have made against Russia. The United Kingdom announced the [first / firstly] its sanctions after Mr Putin said [troops / troop] could enter the two rebel-held regions of eastern Ukraine. The U.K. will [cold / freeze] the assets of five Russian banks and three Russian billionaires (who have also been [given / gave] travel bans). U.S. President Joe Biden has said the USA would announce sanctions [soonish / soon] . Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko said Russia was not planning [to / for] invade Ukraine. He told reporters: "No one is planning to send anything [somewhere / anywhere] . If there is a threat, then we will provide [assistance / assist] ."

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