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Two former Ukrainian boxing world champions have [joined / joint] what is probably the greatest fight of their lives. The two are brothers, and they have [wowed / vowed] to take up arms to help [defence / defend] the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Vitali Klitschko, 50, is the [currant / current] mayor of Kyiv. He retired from a [glitter / glittering] career in boxing in 2013, having been heavyweight champion for over a [decade / decadence] . He told reporters that he would fight. He said: "I don't have another [chosen / choice] . I have to do that. I'll be fighting. It's already a [bloody / blood] war." Vitali's brother Wladimir, 45, dominated the heavyweight and superheavyweight divisions for 15 years. He tweeted: "Destruction and death come [upon / anon] us....We will defend ourselves with all our [might / may] and fight for freedom and democracy."

The boxing siblings have joined the [rinks / ranks] of their compatriots and fellow citizens in [mounting / dismounting] a defence of their city. Authorities have already distributed 18,000 rifles to Kyiv [residence / residents] to defend themselves. There are also [images / image] on social media of old women learning to make Molotov cocktails. The two brothers have been outspoken [critics / criticises] of Russia's President Putin and are [beware / aware] of the danger they now [head / face] . Yahoo Sports highlighted the perils that [lay / lie] ahead. It wrote: "There is an immense amount of bravery required to [slip / ship] between the ropes and fight another man who has trained for months to defeat you. That's child's [pay / play] compared to the fight the Klitschkos face today."

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