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The words
The largest cruise ship ever [made / make] has set sail. The ship is 362 metres long, has 18 decks, and has [cabin / room] for 6,988 guests. Its name is Wonder of the Seas. It is the newest [addition / add] to the ships owned by the company Royal Caribbean. It set off on its [maiden / made] voyage last week from Fort Lauderdale in Florida, USA. The [luckless / lucky] passengers will enjoy a cruise of the Caribbean islands. A company official [speak / spoke] about his excitement to CNN Travel. He said: "We're [excitement / excited] to introduce guests across the world to Wonder of the Seas and its world-class [futures / features] after a six-year-long process." He said the company's [expertise / expats] and feedback from guests meant the company could "create something [truly / truth] awe-inspiring".

It took a shipyard in France three years to [build / built] the enormous ship. It is an impressive vessel. It [weight / weighs] 237,000 tons, and is as [length / long] as the Empire State Building is [high / height] . It is 30 metres longer than the longest aircraft [car / carrier] ever built and 306 metres longer than the Titanic. Surprisingly, the Titanic was 1.8kph faster. The new cruise ship has eight [difference / different] "neighbourhoods". These are areas of the ship that will give guests different experiences. One [is / be] called Central Park, which is filled with [over / more] 10,000 real plants. Facilities include 20 restaurants, four swimming [pails / pools] , a children's water park, a full-size basketball court, an ice-skating rink, a surf [stimulate / simulator] , a 1400-seat theatre, and two 13-metre rock-climbing walls.

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