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Most of [us / them] have felt the exasperation of feeling helpless when our smartphone breaks. Phone manufacturers seem to go to [extraordinaire / extraordinary] lengths to [deter / defer] consumers from opening the back of their phones to try DIY repairs. Help is at [head / hand] . Fairphone is a new company that has produced a self-repairable mobile phone. The founder is Bas van Abel, a Dutch design engineer who [let / set] out to make "the world's [firstly / first] ethical smartphone". He started his company in 2013 with four basic [principals / principles] . First, he wanted to use [raw / law] materials from non-conflict mining areas. He also wanted to make a [product / produce] that was recyclable, durable and repairable. The new Fairphone [embodies / imposes] these aims.

The Fairphone website outlines the [philosophical / philosophy] that underpins the company. It says its [missive / mission] is to motivate "a [missive / massive] industry to take responsibility for its impact [of / on] the world, by establishing a [viable / viability] market for ethical electronics". It highlights the [fact / pact] that many workers who produce technology are working in unacceptable conditions. It also points [in / out] the, "staggering amount of waste the electronics [industry / industrial] generates". Finally, it says: "Communication technology is [on / in] track to account for 14 per cent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions by 2040." The Fairphone comes with a screwdriver and is easily repairable. The plastic used is 40-per-cent recycled, and the minerals are ethically [sauce / sourced] .

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