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One of Britain's most popular radio [heists / hosts] has lambasted his government's [response / respond] to the Ukrainian refugee crisis. Nick Ferrari of the radio station LBC called the situation "a disgrace". The UK has two visa schemes [pacing / running] to help refugees [relocate / relocation] to the UK. The government said it had received 79,800 visa [applicants / applications] from Ukrainians and had thus [for / far] issued 40,900 visas. However, a [paltry / parity] 12,000 refugees had arrived in Britain. Poland has taken in [nearly / near] 3 million refugees and Germany has taken in 300,000. The UK's neighbour Ireland, with a population one-twelfth of that of Britain's, has [welcomed / welcoming] over 20,000 refugees. The UK's Home Secretary Priti Patel has apologised for [that / what] she called the "frustrating" situation.

Nick Ferrari did not [hold / fold] back in his criticism of his government's response. He called on the [whole / wholly] government to be [freed / fired] . He said: "It's an [absolute / absolutely] scandal....This is [behind / beyond] comprehension. How can this level of incompetence survive? Sack the whole... [lot / loads] of them." Mr Ferrari was particularly [ire / irked] by the visa application process, which includes Ukrainians [wanting / want] refuge in the UK having to fill out a 51-page online application form in English. He also castigated the government for its mountain of [sticky / red] tape. Over 200,000 Britons have applied to accept a refugee into their home, but excessive bureaucracy means applications are rejected if a home has a garden pond. Many say the UK's visa schemes are [set / get] up to fail.

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