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Electric scooters are all the [sage / rage] in many cities across the world. The electric-powered two-wheelers are helping people [nimbly / numbly] zip through traffic and effortlessly get [up / about] town. However, they have also brought problems and safety [concern / concerns] . Many scooter riders disregard road regulations, ignore traffic lights and illegally ride [on / in] sidewalks. A major scooter manufacturer has started selling a speaker [what / that] will alert pedestrians and other road [users / uses] of the scooter's presence. Segway is marketing a new speaker accessory that can [plus / add] V12 engine noises to its scooters. [Alternatively / Likewise], the user can plug in their music device and the speaker will boom [up / out] the rider's favourite tunes.

Segway's $150 Ninebot Engine Speaker can play music or [revered / revved] up sports car sounds for 23 hours [when / what] fully charged. The speaker syncs with the scooter's accelerator, so the [fastest / faster] the vehicle goes, the louder the speaker's rev sounds [be / are] . Segway said its engine speaker acts as a [continuous / continues] warning to anyone in earshot that the rider is approaching. Many road safety [analysts / analysis] believe the speaker could reduce [a / the] number of collisions between scooter riders and pedestrians. However, [critiques / critics] are concerned about an increase [in / on] noise pollution. They say the beauty of electric engines is their silence. They believe a simple beeping sound is [suffice / sufficient] to alert other road users and a V12 sound is overkill.

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