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People would expect the highest of security [measure / measures] at London's royal palaces. However, an "astonishing" statistic recently released [revel / revealed] that in the past three years, hundreds of [crimes / criminals] have taken place in or near royal households, with the majority going [punishable / unpunished] . London's Metropolitan Police reported that 470 [offences / defences] were recorded at Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, St James' Palace and Clarence House [among / between] 2019 and 2021. The [latter / litter] abode is home to Charles, Prince of Wales, who is [heir / air] to the British throne. The crimes included arson, [theft / thieve], drugs possession, robbery, and violence against a person. Less than one per cent of the crimes led to anyone being cautioned, fined or [charged / changed] .

Dai Davies, a [firmer / former] Head of Royal Protection, said the number of crimes reported was "frightening". He told Britain's Sky News: "If you can [steal / steel] or cause incidents at or [nearly / near] the royals, what does that say about the [current / currant] security? If these offences have an impact [in / on] the personal safety of the royals, that would give me great concern." The Metropolitan Police replied: "The Met has responsibility [on / for] security in and around the royal palaces, but we will not [commentary / comment] on matters relating to [security / secure] ." It added: "The majority of offences committed at or [within / without] the vicinity of the palaces were thefts. Officers will always endeavour to pursue all [valuable / viable] and proportionate lines of enquiry."

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