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The words
Times are hard for many people. Prices are [raising / rising] around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic and Ukraine War have pushed [up / out] food and energy bills. In some countries, the price of energy has [troubled / tripled] . In other countries, food is 20 per cent more expensive [for / than] a year ago. A group of wealthy business leaders who [own / down] multi-billion-dollar companies has asked their governments to tax them [much / more] . The leaders met at a meeting of [globe / global] leaders in Davos, Switzerland. The group of multi-millionaires and billionaires actually [protected / protested] in the streets. They called for governments to [increase / decrease] taxes for people like them. They marched in the streets with left-wing activists. The protestors wanted [fairer / fairy] tax systems.

The World Economic Forum has been [hold / held] in Davos, Switzerland since 1971. World leaders meet there [once / ones] a year to discuss global problems. The group of [wealth / wealthy] business people called themselves the Patriotic Millionaires. A UK millionaire said: "It's [courageous / outrageous] that our political leaders listen [to / at] those who have the most but know the least about the economic impact of this cost [of / off] living crisis." He said many super-rich people "pay infamously [little / small] in taxes". He added: "The only acceptable [outcome / income] from this conference is to tax the richest and tax us [know / now] ." Another millionaire at the protest said: "We have hit the end of the line when another quarter of a billion people will be pushed into [extreme / extremely] poverty this year."

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