Word Pairs


  • Type the correct word in the boxes from the pairs of words [in brackets].
  • Click the button at the bottom to check your answers.
  • Press the "refresh" button on your browser to play again.

Google Maps already [boasts / boosts] a wealth of useful features for users. Besides showing people where they are, it [plants / plans] routes, provides real-time spoken directions, [street / streets] views, traffic and footfall information, restaurant reviews and a [hole / whole] lot more. Google has just [unveiled / veiled] its latest tool. Users can now click on its Air Quality Index (AQI) before heading [out / in] for a bike ride, picnic, camping trip or hike. Google's products blog [started / stated] : "When you're visiting a new place or planning outdoor activities, it can be [helping / helpful] to know the air quality conditions - like whether it's unusually [smoggy / moggy] ." It added that its new AQI is, "a measure of how healthy (or unhealthy) the air is, [along / longing] with guidance for outdoor activities."

The new feature is a "layer" on Google Maps. To [view / vision] it, users tap on the "Layers" icon [in / up] the top right corner of [a / the] screen. This is the same button for selecting the satellite or street view [modes / nodes] . Users will see the new [option / caption] to see air quality information on their map. Google said: "We [collaborate / elaborate] closely with partners in the weather and air quality space to surface helpful and authoritative information when you need it [must / most] ....We hope these tools help you feel safe and informed [so / that] you can enjoy the summer." The AQI will also provide updated information on the health impact of the air quality. [In / On] addition, there is a "wildfires near me" feature to alert, update and [advice / advise] people on the status of fires.

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