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The words
A yet-to-be-opened museum in Accra, Ghana is getting people [over / across] the world excited. The Pan African Heritage Museum is set [for / to] open in August 2023. TIME Magazine said it will be among the top 100 world's greatest places to visit. TIME wrote: "It will [house / home] archives, exhibits, galleries, and a theater, and will be a [hey / key] destination for visitors interested [in / of] connecting with Africa's history and its people's heritage." Ghana's president [spoke / said] the museum will "provide a natural residence and [rested / resting] place for all the [looted / booted] cultural artefacts of our continent, which are housed in foreign museums and [which / what] will be returned to us". A digital version [of / off] the museum was launched on May the 5th.

The man who [thought / think] of the idea for the museum is Kojo Acquah Yankah. He is a [former / farmer] newspaper editor, MP and cabinet [monster / minister] . He said the idea came to [him / he] after seeing 5,000 people of African descent at [a / an] event for the 375th anniversary of the forced arrival of Africans in the USA. He said: "This [inspiration / inspired] me to create the museum to [untie / unite] Africans and people of African descent." He wants "to raise the self-confidence of Africans as a people with a [wealth / rich] history and heritage". He added: "The museum is special because it's the only one bringing all African heritage together [under / over] one roof." He said there are [less / fewer] than 2,000 museums in Africa, compared with over 30,000 in Europe and in the USA.

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